My part from the Celebration of Life

Wow look at all these faces.  Every one of them Audrey has had some kind of effect on.  5 years and 11 months ago today a little, beautiful, feisty bundle of energy came into this world.  From the moment the first doctor looked at her the medical journey began.  When we were told she had a spinal condition we thought that was the hardest thing we would ever hear.  We soon learned that every step of the way we would hear the hardest thing we have ever heard get beat out by the next hardest thing we have ever heard.  After 58 Weeks of Chemo, 25 treatments of radiation then 12 more weeks different of chemos followed by another 4 months of monoclonal antibody and chemo the fight is over.  We didn’t get the total outcome that we wanted.  But what we did get is what he are here to celebrate today.  We got 836 additional days after diagnoses.  From the very beginning we knew what the final outcome would be but hoped for more.  We knew every day was precious and that tomorrow wasn’t promised.  We chose early on to make the most out of each of those days and to maintain a strong family unit.  We lived every day as much as we could.  A good part of those days were stuck inside a medical building of one kind or another.  Those could have been considered wasted days if it wasn’t for the amazing medical staff that walked along side of us through it all.  Whether it was the nurses helping us breakdown what we were learning, helping us play jokes around the unit or the child life was helping us play tricks on people or setting up a scavenger unit when she just wanted to give up. These medical staff here, in Houston and in California surrounded us with love and caring. We of course can’t forget the cafeteria friends we made too.  In those 836 days of fighting we got some play in also.  Riding the tricycle around or playing at the park when she was able she lived.  Camping, swimming, meeting Clark the Cub, throwing out the opening pitch at Wrigley.  Going to Honduras for Christmas and Disney for make a wish or Princess Fairland as Audrey called it.  Living in Houston and LA and all the friends made along the way.  We value each of those relationships we have made so much.  Being her Dad was amazing.  I got to watch as she stole the heart of each person she encountered.  It only took a few moments of being with Audrey to know that you loved her deeply and that no matter how bad you think things are if she can be this positive in her situation than you can to.  She exemplified what it truly looks like to live life to the fullest and that light beamed from her.  I miss her big cheesy smile, her thumbs up, and her riding on my shoulders.  I miss the way she greeted me each morning and asked how I slept.  I miss coming home and her being excited to see me.  I miss her cuddles and her following me around the house like a lost puppy.  But again all of those things were only made possible by her willingness to push on regardless of the situation.  Each of us has it in us to make today count for us.  To live today until tomorrow becomes today and live that day too until the tomorrows stop coming.  Each of us owes it to Audrey and to ourselves to live by her example.  Audrey had such a short time on earth but made such a huge impact in those short 5 plus years.  I believe her full impact has yet to be realized as her legacy lives on.  I kind of see Audrey as the key to unlocking something big in this world.  What that key will open only time will tell but you know if it’s an Audrey thing it will change the world.


In closing I just want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey.  You have all played a part in this amazing story.  Thank you for all that helped make this happen today and for all of you that helped us walk when we couldn’t.  Sat with us as we cried or simply took care of the daily things we couldn’t get too.  The outpouring of love from our Neighbors, Family and friends cannot be over looked.  We still have a long way to go but today is one more step forward in our recovery and building our new future.  Please take some glitter when you leave and keep it or spread it and think of Audrey each time you see it.  Also please email your special memories to

Thank you.

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