Outlook not looking so good

So as we get ready for our trip to Disney World tomorrow we go with heavy hearts.  Audrey’s MRI came back Friday showing the cancer is spreading even though she is getting chemo.  Our doctor sent the scan and read down to the doctor in Houston.  I emailed and and he said he would look at the scan when he gets it next week and we will go from there.  He said there aren’t currently any options though for clinical trials that he knows of that are worth moving the family to try but he will call around and see if he can find anything.  If not it will just be making her comfortable and enjoying the time we have left.

Not sure how I process this info but it’s tearing me up.  We choose not to tell Cole until we get back from the trip so he can enjoy as much as possible of this time together.  I am working on getting my head wrapped around not being a sobbing depressed dad and get a mind set of enjoying everyday.  I am sure once we get there the activities will take my mind off it a bit so looking forward to that distraction.

Just wanted to make a quick update for those following on this site.  Please pray for peace and guidance as we most likely enter the sunset of our fight or that there is something out there that might work.

12 thoughts on “Outlook not looking so good

  1. Audra, Melissa, Ira and Cole

    My heart ached when I read your latest post. Stay strong. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy!!! Love u guys!!!

  2. Hi Ira,
    I’m so sad to hear this news…I can’t even imagine how painful this is for you. My heart and love goes out to you…I’m lost for words.
    I left a note for Melissa and I’d like to say the same to you as she might not even be checking FB now.
    I live in Florida and would love to come for a day and create an album for you. I would be blessed to capture the joy and love that you have as a family. I think that Tues or Wednesday could work for me…just for one day.
    I also understand boundaries and if this doesn’t work for you that’s okay too…of course.
    Just wanted to put that out there. I would love to do something special for you, Audrey and your son as well. He’s amazing!
    Much love, Lisa

  3. Dearest Melissa, Ira, Cole, and most precious Audrey: I was smiling all the way through Thursday’s post on “Team Audrey” and so enjoyed the tales of sheep babies and getting ready for The Happiest Place On Earth. I have now just read today’s post and that joy has turned to such sadness. Ira, your writing is so amazingly beautiful and it so helps to keep everything in perspective. Your family is truly amazing at that. I know when people move away, the physical bonds of friendship fade a bit. I want you all to know that even though we haven’t been “Towne Meadow-ins” together for a long time, the specialness of your family has always stayed with me and I feel very blessed to know you all and call you friends. I admit at a time like this, I am at a loss for words. I am just overwhelmed for you and what you all must be feeling. And yet, the strength that shows through in your writings, your videos, and YOUR CHILDREN is such a testament to your faith and your belief in creating happiness and wonderful memories at every turn. I wish you the peace and ability to continue that and to inspire others. I hope that your week at Disney World is beyond amazing and I will be looking forward to hearing all about it. As you travel tomorrow, I will be proudly wearing one of my Team Audrey t-shirts and sending you lots of love and prayers!!

  4. We are still praying for your family, we love you guys, your an amazing family. Your Real Life family still cares!

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