Crunch Time

So the last stay we made it home on Saturday evening and had 2 and a half days at home this time before heading back into the hospital for her next 3 day chemo.  It was very nice to have the family home for the Labor Day weekend and just get some fun quality time together.

Melissa took Audrey in for blood counts on Tuesday and her white counts had skyrocketed from the neupogen shots.  They are definitely doing their job but starting to cause her more and more bone pain.  We have been giving her pain medication which has done a really good job of helping with the pain.  She shocked the doctors with her numbers and they got us admitted and started on the chemo.  Things went well during the stay and we got in and out in the expected time.

Every Thursday they have a event and this week they had Comicare stop by with Spiderman, Ironman and Super Woman.  They were very awesome to Audrey and she really liked getting to meet them.   We were able to check out on Thursday evening and go home which was very exciting to us.  The Yellow tricycle is what she calls her motorcycle.  She has been known to drift around the corners in the hospital when she gets it going fast enough.

Since Thursday we have been able to be home and start preparing for our trip to MD Anderson in Houston.  This has very much been a logistic nightmare and huge weight on our shoulders.  As we have been working through the needed preparations for us to leave town for 2 or 3 months we have been continuously overwhelmed by generosity from the community that supports us.  From people we know well to people we have never met and everyone in between that has stepped up and helped us out in many different ways with prayers, support and generosity.   I am more and more humbled everyday along this journey.   There are truly good people in this world that understand what making a difference means.

I said the other day that I am forever a different person from this experience and my life will never be the same from here out.  The lens I see life through have been shifted in a way that will forever change my outlook of tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.  As I contemplate the realization that cancer might take Audrey at any point and that we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow either I think if we continue to live life looking beyond tomorrow we will continue to miss the moments that matter and wonder where it all went if we do get to where we were looking.  Live every moment of everyday and just be thankful for the chance you have to be in it.

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