It never slows down

Life has been incredibly busy since my last update.  This mix of chemos is definitely living up to its expectations.  We have been in and out of the hospital the last few weeks for fevers due to low white cells in her blood.  At the same time I have been traveling for work on and off which has made balancing family life and work life incredibly hard for the whole family.  I have been away from home more days in August than home between hospital stays and work travel.

We were released from the hospital on the 13th of August only to return on the 20th which was 4 days before our next inpatient.  Audrey was given floods and antibiotics for the next 4 days and they finally let us go home Sunday evening the 23rd.  Her white cells were on the rebound and her fever was gone.  The next day I left for another trip and Melissa took Audrey in to check out her white cells expecting to come back on Tuesday to start chemo.  The white cells were so good they surprised us by admitting her to start chemo that day instead of the next.  Which through off the family plans yet again.

I returned from my trip Thu2015-08-22 21.01.51rsday morning and took the next two days at the hospital so Melissa could get a break.  The last trip to the toy closet Audrey picked out mobile to paint.  She found it you put all the colors together you get brown.  So all the pieces got colored brown.

Chemo went well but this one made her feel very sick so she hasn’t been eating much.  On Saturday before we went home they checked her blood and it was already low on white blood cells.  Unfortunately we know this meant it was only a matter of time before she got a fever again.  We had a nice day and a half at home for the weekend and got to spend some quality family time together and with good friends which really helped left us up as a family.

On Tuesday I again headed off for another few days 2015090295084937away on business and Melissa and Audrey headed to the clinic to get blood levels checked.  As we had expected her white cells had gotten annihilated by the chemo and were pretty much nonexistent at this point but no fever.  They allowed her to go home but said to isolate the family.  One spec of germs would send her into a fever.  Of course that only lasted a day and the next morning when they got up her fever was on the rise.  After a quick stop off at Grandma’s to play marble towers they headed off to the hospital where they got admitted again.

We are hoping for a short stay and to make it home before the weekend so we can have a few days before we check back in on Monday for the next round of treatments.


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